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Originally from South America and Central America, cassava is now widely used in the diet of tropical countries. This small tuber which is consumed from every angle is in fact the staple food of many peoples for whom it replaces the potato in a way. If it is quite famous for having certain benefits, there are however some questions about its energy value. Isn't it too caloric? Can we eat it without the risk of gaining weight?



Relatively high but moderate calorie density


In order to answer this question quite clearly, let's dwell on the composition of cassava and the energy value of its tubers. This reveals that cassava is largely composed of water (about 60%), fiber (about 2%), protein (about 1.4%), lipids (barely 0.3%), but also carbohydrates (about 38%). It is precisely this high carbohydrate content that increases the energy value of cassava to 159 calories per 100 g. Compared to the potato which provides on average only 80 calories per 100 g, we can deduce that cassava is a higher calorie food than this one. However, despite this score, cassava still ranks among foods with moderate caloric density (less than 200 kcal per 100 g). Can I consume it without any risk of weight gain?



Does cassava make you fat?


In fact, not really. Indeed, the high carbohydrate content found in cassava is mainly due to light starch which does not really impact blood sugar. Moreover, containing only little protein and fat as demonstrated above, cassava can easily be integrated into a weight loss diet. Another important element: its high fiber content. With nearly 38 g of fiber per 100 g, cassava has a high satiating power. In other words, it is enough to consume a little to be satiated. This is another significant advantage for people wishing to lose weight. It is therefore safe to say that cassava is not really fattening. On the contrary, it can be very useful to keep the line.


Many other benefits


In addition to the elements detailed above, cassava is also rich in various nutrients: potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, etc. These give it a very interesting nutritional value. In addition, the fibers and starch present in cassava are very beneficial for the digestive system and make it a good ally for people suffering from ulcers, heartburn or even inflammation of the colon. Low in gluten and giving little work to the body for its elimination, it can also be consumed without any risk by diabetics.


How to consume it?


There are many recipes made with cassava. You can thus eat it boiled, in fries, in donuts, in semolina, in puree, or even use its flour (or tapioca starch) to prepare very good cakes.


What you must remember



Although it has a slightly higher energy value than potatoes, cassava can be eaten without risk of weight gain. Possessing good nutritional value, it also has many undeniable health benefits.


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Je m’appelle Edwige Aimée, apprenante au CFPF Sorawell de 2002 à 2005. J’ai beaucoup apprécié mes années de formation, particulièrement l’ambiance de famille et la façon dont nous étions formées. Je me souviens que je recevais toujours des encouragements lorsque j’étais découragée, les monitrices étaient vraiment gentilles.

J’ai reçu à Sorawell la formation professionnelle mais aussi humaine et spirituelle. Cela m’a été d’un très grand apport dans ma vie professionnelle. J’ai connu Dieu à Sorawell et j’ai aussi appris à avoir confiance en moi. Je garde de très bons souvenirs de Sorawell.

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